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July 31, 2015

Dear Friends and Clients,

I am writing to you today to announce that I have found an experienced web designer to take over my client base.

His name is Chris Taylor. He owns Whitemountain Webarts ( located in Hooksett, NH. He is a WordPress designer. He will work with you to create and/or update your sites as requested to be compliant with Google’s new requirement that all sites be “responsive”.

He has agreed to keep my current pricing in place for a while (or at very least similar to). For design, updates, and site hosting.

He will be moving everyone that is currently hosted at ReadyHosting to a new host. He will either use his own hosting or one of several other companies that he works with. I totally agree with this! Although I’ve used (and Harris before me) ReadyHosting for many years, we have begun to have serious problems and way too much down time with them for the past 2 or 3 years. And it seems to be getting worse. Other clients that use GoDaddy or other hosting companies will stay with those companies unless they start to have issues as well.

Along with hosting, he will need to help you all reset your email accounts if they are run through ReadyHosting. This is not as difficult as it sounds and should not be a big problem.

I have already begun my Doula training so this transfer will be effective immediately.

Chris’ contact information is:

Also, please see his attached letter.

Please know that I will be available to Chris if he runs into any questions (doubtful) about any of my accounts.

I thank you all so much for the last 13 years! It’s been a blast!

If you or anyone you know might need a Doula, please keep me in mind! :)

Wishing you all the very best!



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